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Our company provides secure remote access and mobile file sharing solutions to small businesses supported by our thousands of MSP partners, and to enterprises such as NASA, KPN, HP and others. You can find out more about who we are and what we do below.

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Secure Remote Access without Data Sprawl

Panorama needed a solution that employees could access easily, but that would also keep files secure, locally hosted, and up-to-date.

Because the files are all stored on-premise, Panorama Antennas now trusts that their files are secure and compliant under GDPR regulations.

Data Governance to Stay within Regulations

Many of Damecon’s clients are in the healthcare industry which, in the Netherlands, has even stricter regulations than in the United States. These regulations call for specific data storage requirements.

Many Damecon clients have physical file servers or employ a hybrid with cloud storage and physical servers, and it is important to have regular compliance checks to stay within regulations.

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Simplify file server access with a self hosted file sharing platform that maintains data privacy, ownership and permissions. Combine mobility, mapped drives and file locking to create the private cloud file server you've been looking for.

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